Sniper Electric trike

Sniper concept is an Electric Trike born from the bones of an old tricycle concept: 

“Crossbow”. With 3 powerful Brushless DC electric motors, one on each wheel capable of reaching 80kmh, the Sniper shoots you trough the road bringing you as close to an F1 sensation as you could. 

The 3 wheels setup allows you to have 2 wheels in the front individually driven by Brushless DC motors. Both motors can be sequenced in different rotation directions if a hardcore drift is what you want. The third propulsion comes from the rear wheel and can be added or turned off accordingly to the power desired. 

The complete system is powered by 3 LiFePO4 Batteries distributed underneath the driver and along the length of the vehicle to ensure a proper weight balance and lower the center of gravity. 

Crossbow by Gnosis Product Development

The Crossbow concept is a recumbent trike powered by two front electric motors, front shock absorbers and an Omni wheel as a rear wheel.

The Omni allows the driver to steer in close angle and drift along the curves for an extreme fun driving experience.

Soundground SG2 Portable Speakers

The SG2 Bluetooth enable portable speaker is able to connect wirelessly from up to 10 meters away to smart phones or tablets. The Speaker can also be used with a 3.5mm audio output.

With a build-in rechargeable battery the devices can play for over 5 hours in Bluetooth mode and 12 when aux-in connected.

Light weight, easily portable and handy to keep in an everyday backpack, the SG2 has a fully sealed silicone cover to protect it from hardcore usage.

Boostbox, DAC and Headphone Amp

Small and portable DAC and Headphone amplifier for the European market, develop for Capaz Acoustics an international Hong Kong music equipment developer.

The Boostbox with only 240x240x42mm is one of the smallest and powerful Portable DAC Amplifiers in the Market. Easy to plug to any electronic device such as Ipad’s, Ipod’s, MP3s or any Smart Phone in the market.

Soundground SG1 Portable Headphone Amp

The SG1 is the first product from the Soundground Amplifiers; It is a powerful and portable headphone amplifier. 

Easy to plug to any electronic device such as Ipad’s, Ipod’s, MP3s or any Smart Phone in the market.